How it Started

Since Brianna Chiles was about nine years old she loved writing letters and poems of encouragement for people. The older she got the more she realized encouragement affected people’s lives and she learned better how to go about it.

One day, after asking God for a way to minister, He told her it was time to write more. She started by writing letters to foster children and letters to hospitalized children, but what was truly on her heart were the forgotten children in Africa. The dream grew quickly to orphanages worldwide. Specifically small Christian orphanages that seem obscure and unnoticed.

There’s nothing like hearing that someone believes in you and is praying for you, something that most children of the world rarely, if ever, hear. Brianna wanted to say it and have many people say it with her through the written word to the orphaned and abandoned.

Brianna coloring with her young lion cousin.

About Brianna

Brianna Chiles is a christian children’s author who loves to tell stories and parables using moral and biblical principles. She lives in the USA with her loving, supportive family and pets.

She is a compassionate person who longs to do the will of the Lord and do it well. She has a passionate longing for unity in the body of Christ and loves it when we all work together peacefully.

Besides Jesus, her passions are dogs, Lord of the Rings, and encouraging and praying for people. Her hobbies are writing, arts and crafts, and talking to imaginary people. It comes with the author/creator territory.

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